Trusting His Deliverance

Broadcast #: 7020

As we pray for deliverance, we must also believe that God will actually deliver us. Walk through the action of putting our trust in God–no matter how big of a jam we’re in.

He’ll Deliver You

Broadcast #: 6656

God’s Presence will protect and deliver you in your life. Is God’s power working through you? Is your life worthy of Calvary?

Love God, Know God

Broadcast #: 6653

What you love determines what you are and what you become. Obey God now on what you know to be His will.

Ready To Deliver

Broadcast #: 6321

Your loving Heavenly Father stands ready to do something special for you in the area where you need deliverance if you’ll just ask Him. Yes, He does!

He Intervenes

Broadcast #: 7515

Have you adopted as your own personal point of view the belief that God answers prayer and that He still does miracles?

Ask Specifically

Broadcast #: 7514

The Holy Spirit of God takes the groanings of your heart and interprets them before the Father —- all you need to do is to call on God today.