Loving Leaders Well

Broadcast #: 6746

In dealing with people who are in leadership, treat them with love.

Meaningful Worship

Broadcast #: 6431

You are a representative of God to others. Don’t let customs that you think are important run your life. If you do, then your worship might be in vain. Your worship isn’t worth anything unless you have sincerity of heart and obedience to God.

Critical Approval

Broadcast #: 6390

Express love and agreement with your critic, wherever you can, and the Lord will see you through.

Transforming Goodness

Broadcast #: 6347

God loves to step in and rearrange the way you feel about things and people, if you let Him.

Reprove To Improve

Broadcast #: 6339

If some precious brother or sister points out a fault, don’t fight it. Listen. God, the Holy Spirit, may be wanting to speak to you along that very line.

Constant Provision

Broadcast #: 6338

Look heavenward and let the Heavenly Father reassure you that He is there, He’s caring for you, and that He’s there in your time of need…