Out Of Control

Broadcast #: 7328

Make Him Lord of your feelings. By faith, take from Him the calming of the inner storms and the joy and peace that He alone can give.

He’s In Control

Broadcast #: 7317

God has something for you. Learn to count on the surprises of God — up, over, out of, and way beyond anything you can ask or even imagine. He’s able to do that.

Making Room

Broadcast #: 7313

And so, on the same basis in which you trusted Christ for salvation, so, you open every room in your life to the Holy Spirit of God.

Giving Christ Complete Control

Broadcast #: 7203

Peter calls himself a servant, a slave of Jesus Christ, being owned by Christ. When Christ controls us, we are giving over every area of our life to him.

How To Respond To Criticism

Broadcast #: 7148

God calls us to not strike back or get revenge when people are against us. Live a committed life where you have let go of the situation for God to work. Let him take control. Follow Christ’s Example.


Broadcast #: 7146

The minute you turn it over to God, He can handle it. And the heaviness goes out of the burden, and the sting goes out of the hurt, and the presence of the Lord Jesus fills your life with peace and joy – I can guarantee it. Turn to Him today.

Hand It Over

Broadcast #: 7007

Your motive in life gives way to who or what controls it. The divine change happens when we hand over control to God.

How To Inherit The Earth

Broadcast #: 7006

What does God mean when He says, “the meek shall inherit the Earth?” Why is trusting in God the key to true happiness.

Living With God

Broadcast #: 6739

Make God’s Word the standard by which you measure.

Don’t Hold Back

Broadcast #: 6507

Victory starts at the point where you give that impossible thing to God and let Him handle it.