Without Spot

Broadcast #: 7266
Scripture: 2 Peter 3

Run to the mercy seat and let the Lord Jesus cleanse you and go on without the stain, walking in the light. Spot has to do with character. Blameless has to do with relationships

Conscience Clean

Broadcast #: 6700
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:9

You’ll be better able to believe God once your heart has been cleansed from the things that hinder Him.

The Secret Believer

Broadcast #: 6616
Scripture: Mark 15:39-47

If you ever doubt Christ, look to what He is doing. He knows your heart. Confess Him and He will never forsake you.

Blessed Extras

Broadcast #: 6441
Scripture: Mark 8:27

Do you have any idea of how many wonderful truths you’re missing as you are being subjected to the teaching of the Spirit of God in the Word of God?

Dependence Means Obedience

Broadcast #: 6435
Scripture: Mark 7:33

It’s not that God is unwilling, it’s that you and I have short-circuited the matter by our unwillingness to get things straightened out.