Our Commission

Broadcast #: 6646

Jesus never gives up on us. Rather, it is our unbelief and hardness of heart that stand in the way.

Faith, Promises, Belief

Broadcast #: 6639

Desire, pray, believe, receive and have, are five steps towards true belief in prayer. Pray His promises and believe.

What He Can Do

Broadcast #: 6637

There is a connection between what God can do and what you think He can do. Our focus must always be on Him and He will give us the best thing.

He’s Looking For You

Broadcast #: 6618

As the angel told Mary and the others after the resurrection, Jesus wants to see you too. Let Him restore you as He restored Peter.

Dare To Believe

Broadcast #: 6411

To trust God doesn’t mean you’re going to sit around. It means that you’re going to move forward in the right direction. Turn desperate situations over to God, because He cares. Trust means believing. Nothing is unfixable when God is involved.

Called Into Being

Broadcast #: 6377

Start visualizing in your praying the promises of God and pray toward the answer — and believe God for it. Don’t tell God what to do or how to do it. Let Him be God.