Acting With Eternity In Mind

Broadcast #: 7512
Scripture: Romans 16:4-6

There isn’t anything that you do for the Lord and for His people that’s ever lost. God marks it down.

Avoiding Official Religiosity

Broadcast #: 7511
Scripture: Romans 16:4-5

To be the kind of person that others are thankful for, it means that you’ll bring the presence of God into a situation, without being pious and religious.

Recycled Blessings

Broadcast #: 7510
Scripture: Romans 16:3-4

Take your life and turn it over for God to use in terms of lifting the burden, becoming vulnerable to the other person’s need, and letting God use the material possessions with which He has trusted you.

Smart Investing

Broadcast #: 7509
Scripture: Romans 16:3-4

If you’re going to work with somebody, you’re going to have to spend some time establishing rapport then you can talk about things that count for eternity.

Looking To Bless

Broadcast #: 7508
Scripture: Romans 16:1-2

You’d be surprised what the Lord will do for you as you pray specifically for the needs of others.

Giving Your Gifting

Broadcast #: 7507
Scripture: Romans 16:2

What is your gift? Find out what God has gifted you with and then hand it over to Him to use so that you can serve His people.

Made A Servant

Broadcast #: 7506
Scripture: Romans 16:1

God can make you a blessing to people far more than you think you can be.

Who’s Approval?

Broadcast #: 7505
Scripture: Romans 16:1

It’s not really necessary that everybody approve of you and me and it really isn’t necessary that we avoid being criticized.

A Great Peace

Broadcast #: 7504
Scripture: Romans 15:33

You’re operating according to a higher set of principles and so you don’t get upset and offended at things that happen in day to day life.

Hand It Over

Broadcast #: 7503
Scripture: Romans 15:32

You are at peace. Why? Because you have believed God and His Word and in doing that, you have put the control of the situation into His wonderful hands.