Psalm 91

He’ll Deliver You

Broadcast #: 6656

God’s Presence will protect and deliver you in your life. Is God’s power working through you? Is your life worthy of Calvary?

Unanswered Prayer

Broadcast #: 6655

Prayer may not always be answered the way we want but God does answer. He knows what is good for us and His timing is perfect.

Knowing God

Broadcast #: 6654

Knowing God has to do with obedience. Take by faith that Jesus will answer your present need.

Love God, Know God

Broadcast #: 6653

What you love determines what you are and what you become. Obey God now on what you know to be His will.

Staying Obedient

Broadcast #: 6652

Do you love God and are you real with Him? Are you comfortable in His Presence? Love God and you will be a success.

Always A Victor

Broadcast #: 6651

God always protects you when you are doing His Will. Trust in His promises to see you through.

Cure For Fear

Broadcast #: 6650

The cure for fear is the presence of a Person: against unknown fears, deliberate attacks against you, and diseases.

The Secret Place

Broadcast #: 6648

Don’t let Satan’s half truths snare you. They are merely lies mixed with a little logic. Dwell with God and He will keep you safe in any situation.

Home With God

Broadcast #: 6647

Make God at home within your heart. The key to this kind of relationship is fear, obedience, respect, love and awe.