Psalm 37

Safe With Him

Broadcast #: 7023

Real trust involves relinquishing your right to control the situation and giving over control to God. Explore how and why we trust God to be our shield.

Turning Yourself Over To God

Broadcast #: 7022

Making a habit of giving God control in every situation leads to a life of adventure and dependence on Him and His strength. Here is the divine peace that accompanies total self-surrender to God.

Divine Assistance

Broadcast #: 7021

When we find ourselves in overwhelming circumstances, asking for help is important–but it’s not the only step. A walk through our essential commitment to faith in our daily prayers to God.

Trusting His Deliverance

Broadcast #: 7020

As we pray for deliverance, we must also believe that God will actually deliver us. Walk through the action of putting our trust in God–no matter how big of a jam we’re in.

The Dimension Of Eternity

Broadcast #: 7019

Everything you do–if you’re doing it unto the Lord in faith–has an eternal reward. Call upon the Lord in every moment for divine guidance.

Love And Conduct

Broadcast #: 7018

God looks for people whose love for Him informs their actions towards the world. Explore living a life characterized by the peace and love of God.

Never Alone

Broadcast #: 7017

God is always there. We need not to feel alone, especially in the hardest times. Christ bears with us through our pain and gives us the strength to wait on Him through it.

Thinking And Doing

Broadcast #: 7016

What your mind is filled with, so is your heart–and your actions. Fill your hearts with things that produce good overflow.

Awareness And Action

Broadcast #: 7015

When following God, knowing His will for us is only half the battle–action must follow awareness. Action through good works brings our faith full circle.