Psalm 107

Candidate For Mercy

Broadcast #: 7526
Scripture: Psalm 107:30-43

He makes us victors over circumstances, instead of the victims of it. In it all, He shows His wonderful love to us.

The Big Picture

Broadcast #: 7525
Scripture: Psalm 107:30-43

When you praise God, remember how great a God He is, that’s the basis of praise.

Parallel Wills

Broadcast #: 7524
Scripture: Psalm 107:13-30

If you specialize in wanting God’s Will, He specializes in giving you what your heart really wants.


Broadcast #: 7523
Scripture: Psalm 107:13-30

If you will pray and then turn to the Word of God, you’ll find that it has a healing effect in your mind and heart and emotions.

Spiritual Pushback

Broadcast #: 7522
Scripture: Psalm 107:6-13

Every time you say, “I want it my way and not your way God” you’re asking for trouble.

Factual Praise

Broadcast #: 7521
Scripture: Psalm 107:6-13

If you want really to make some spiritual mileage, try praising your Lord.

The Difference

Broadcast #: 7520
Scripture: Psalm 107:1-5

Don’t give up on life and don’t give up on your self and don’t give up on God.

The Restless Soul

Broadcast #: 7519
Scripture: Psalm 107:1-5

There is a loneliness about a life that has not found fulfillment in God that is almost indescribable.