How To Get To Him

Broadcast #: 7355

The revelation of Himself is the next thing He does if we’re really seeking Him. First, He humbles you. Second, He reveals Himself to you.

Realizing The Extent

Broadcast #: 7354

God’s grace will “spill over” to others as we build up and edify one another.

Under His Control

Broadcast #: 7353

God’s purpose is not always explainable in terms of human rationale, but He knows what He’s doing.

Knowing What You Know

Broadcast #: 7352

God will never do your homework for you — but He will give you wisdom in knowing what to do and what you know.

Growing Up

Broadcast #: 7351

Growing up in Christ. You need to decide what it is you’re standing for and stand for it instead of allowing yourself to be moved by every influence that comes along.

Sit Tight

Broadcast #: 7350

One of the things that will make you steady is to realize that God doesn’t change and He isn’t going to drop you.

Eternity-Tinted Glasses

Broadcast #: 7348

Learn to look at people in terms of their God-given potential — the grand design that God has for their lives.

Uncommon Courtesy

Broadcast #: 7347

Courtesy is still in fashion in heaven. Courtesy is still something that God likes to see — so be courteous, tactful, and sensitive in the living of the Spirit of God.

No Competition

Broadcast #: 7346

Crank the importance of the Lord Jesus into your value judgment system. He deserves first place over other things that might be demanding , but are not eternally important.

Called To Build

Broadcast #: 7345

The unity of faith is centered in the deity of Christ, the inerrancy of the Word of God, and the Gospel message pure-and-clear.