Resources referencing Ephesians

A Jigsaw Of Faith

Broadcast #: 7302

Did you know that when people pray together, they get along better? Did you know that when the church gets on its knees, church politics seem to diminish, and if not, disappear altogether?

Grace-Filled Giftings

Broadcast #: 7304

Look to your heavenly Father for special grace within the parameters of whatever gifts He may have given you. What gifts do you have?

Step Back

Broadcast #: 7527

Even working among Christian people, you’ll find that human nature crops up there’s plenty of opportunity for hurt feelings and misunderstandings.

Patience Of The Saintly

Broadcast #: 7528

God will give you your answer. He will guide in His Will and He’ll always be on time, you needn’t worry about God being late.

His Instrument

Broadcast #: 7529

When your life is especially filled with God through the Holy Spirit indwelling you, then you become an extension — a pierced Hand.


Broadcast #: 7530

You are living in a certain location He has people that you are going to touch who wouldn’t be touched and blessed in any other way.

Part Of The Family

Broadcast #: 7532

The Spirit of belonging to God is real in your life when you trust and commit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Happiness + Joy

Broadcast #: 7533

You don’t have to just depend on happiness dear friend, you can have joy.

Don't Leave The Fountain

Broadcast #: 7534

Unless you have something fresh from God’s Word to spillover onto people that very day, you’ll run dry.

Joy Overflow

Broadcast #: 7535

All of the happiness you can stand, all of the peace that you so tried to achieve by various means — all of this comes as a byproduct of relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.