A Gospel Duo

Broadcast #: 7444
Scripture: Acts 16

A young Christian provides rapport with people who are his peers and where you would not be able to communicate.

Finding A Timothy

Broadcast #: 7443
Scripture: Acts 16

You make the most mileage by finding a faithful person and spending time with him or her until you have poured something of the life of Christ from your life into theirs.

Honesty That Follows

Broadcast #: 7442
Scripture: Acts 15

There is such a thing as Holy Spirit endowment of power for your witness. But the other side of the Holy Spirit’s work is, “great grace was upon them all”.

Let God Lead

Broadcast #: 7441
Scripture: Acts 15:37

Don’t fight change; if God is in it, change isn’t wrong.

Be Flexible

Broadcast #: 7440
Scripture: Acts 15:32

Human disagreement is not necessarily wrong. It just proves that human beings see things from different angles.

Together, Upward

Broadcast #: 7439
Scripture: Acts 15:30

It’s a great blessing to share things with people because it will confirm it in your own heart, it will give them a chance to rejoice in the Truth of God.

Aligned In Spirit

Broadcast #: 7438
Scripture: Acts 15:27-29

It is possible for you to reach a conclusion that says, “This is the will of God; and the Holy Spirit of God is witnessing with my own spirit that it is so.”

Establish Smart

Broadcast #: 7437
Scripture: Acts 15:11

When you want to put a thing across, don’t depend upon anyone who has a personal interest in it to prove the point.

Idol-Forming Worry

Broadcast #: 7436
Scripture: Acts 15:14

If you put your concerns before God, it is a kind of idolatry. You don’t have to bow down before a brass idol to be an idolater.

Baselines To Problem Solving

Broadcast #: 7435
Scripture: Acts 15:13-15

Every problem will yield to facts and faith and prayer. And so, the first step is: what are the facts?