Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Grace

A Divine Awareness

Broadcast #: 6297

Had you thought of God’s grace not simply as enduring trials but as making you strong?

Beyond Your Imagination

Broadcast #: 6804

Give yourself up to the Lord Jesus and let Him give you His "more grace". It’s always too soon to quit.

Blessed By Love

Broadcast #: 7270

Grace and peace: grace is the relationship, peace is the experience. Both of them come from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Called To Be Like Jesus

Broadcast #: 7194

God calls us in many ways. We are called to share in His glory. Our goal is to be transformed into His image, to have His heavenly shine coming through our lives.


Broadcast #: 7530

You are living in a certain location He has people that you are going to touch who wouldn’t be touched and blessed in any other way.

Due Praise

Broadcast #: 7539

Realize that all the joys we have as Christians came because of the agony, and the death, and the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Feel Down? Look Up.

Broadcast #: 6298

God can make you strong, beloved, in the very area where you are weakest. Instead of giving up, look up and trust your blessed wonderful Lord.

Grace And Mercy

Broadcast #: 6672

Are you truly aware of your sins and more importantly, the grace you have? The closer you are to God, the more you realize how much you need Him.

Grace And Peace

Broadcast #: 6490

Power of God resting upon you comes from the grace of God sufficient for you.