Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Commitment


Broadcast #: 6736

Take heed to thyself — that’s your responsibility. No one will do it for you.

Action Follows Commitment

Broadcast #: 6664

God wants us to mean what we say and commit to it. Action follows commitment. It has to be that way.

All His Promises Are Ours

Broadcast #: 7207

The knowledge of God in Christ comes by spending time with Him and in his Word. Prayer involves my commitment to living out what God tells me. God’s promises are mine to apply in my circumstances.

Believing, Rejoicing, Receiving

Broadcast #: 7127

Commitment to faith in Christ comes from your love of Him. Joy is the result of the surrender of your life to God.

Christ--Your Commitment

Broadcast #: 6624

How are you spreading the Gospel? Are your sharing Jesus with everyone and are you committed to Christ?


Broadcast #: 6442

To deny yourself means giving up the right to try again without God’s help.

Foot Of The Cross

Broadcast #: 6780

Get close enough to the cross and you won’t be able to see anybody else but Jesus and you.

Forever First

Broadcast #: 6766

Put Jesus first — put eternity first in your thinking, in your planning, and in all that you do.

Giving Ourselves As We Are

Broadcast #: 7198

Being strengthened by God begins with commitment, turning yourself over. Have faith to allow God’s power to give you help to never to grow tired or wear out.

Heart For His Will

Broadcast #: 6987

If you want to be guided, make up your mind to obey God and what you know is His will.