A Clean Win

Broadcast #: 7242

You’ll make us succeed in Your own Will, we know that — and give ourselves to Thee for that purpose, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Get To Know Him

Broadcast #: 6903

Jesus thought it was important that you know who He is and why He has come.

What Are You Really Thinking About?

Broadcast #: 6598

What you really think about, that which is on your mind all the time, becomes the basis on which you are willing to risk your life and your well-being

Hearts Under Control

Broadcast #: 6432

Impart God’s Word into your lifestyle. Be under His control and not under man-made beliefs. Live by His will and bring your body and mind captive under His control.

Thoughts Matter

Broadcast #: 6430

Satan’s lie is that God doesn’t want the best for you. But He does! Don’t compromise and stay true to God’s Word. Be especially aware of your thoughts as they affect how you live.

No Compromises

Broadcast #: 6418

Don’t bind yourself to the structure of the unsaved human race. Instead, yield to the Holy Spirit and let Him guide you in God’s truth. Keep doing God’s will and don’t allow any compromises in your life.

Made Worthy

Broadcast #: 7415

If you want yourself in the unworthy column for all eternity, just refuse Christ. If we want to be made worthy – just accept Christ – He is the one who is worthy and through Him we have eternal life.