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Ready To Testify

Broadcast #: 7382

Holy Spirit of God comes in to dwell, so that the beginning of any rationale for Christianity is not found in Philosophy but in the dynamics of the Holy Spirit of God dwelling within a human being.

Safe With Him

Broadcast #: 7023

Real trust involves relinquishing your right to control the situation and giving over control to God. Explore how and why we trust God to be our shield.


Broadcast #: 6508

You share because you’re full of Him. When you’re jostled, what spills out is the blessing of God.


Broadcast #: 7138

To believe involves a commitment of each area of life to Christ. Whatever God is asking you to do, do it.

The True Story

Broadcast #: 6962

There’s room for the occasional misunderstanding, but what is said about you, over the years — 20 years, let’s say — will be precisely the truth.

What Do You Want?

Broadcast #: 6504

Praying means verbalizing my request to God as exactly as I can.