Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Commit

Complete Trust

Broadcast #: 6831

Absolutely trusting yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ, risking your whole destiny on Him.

Confiding and Committing

Broadcast #: 7003

Everyone makes plans in life. God asks us to do one thing before we make our plans: come to Him first.

Count On It

Broadcast #: 7150

All of our sins, failures are nailed to the cross with Christ. Count on the fact that your sins are forgiven and we are made alive in Christ, dead to sin.

Daily Faithwalking

Broadcast #: 7472

Ask God about things, and when you’re confident in His Will, go ahead. If it’s doubtful, don’t touch it.

Divine Destiny

Broadcast #: 6587

Your destiny is made up not of circumstances around you but of your relationship with God moment by moment

Don't Hold Back

Broadcast #: 6507

Victory starts at the point where you give that impossible thing to God and let Him handle it.

Don't Worry, He Knows

Broadcast #: 6825

All of us are tempted and all of us are tested, but Jesus is the one that makes the difference between victory or defeat.

Living With God

Broadcast #: 6739

Make God’s Word the standard by which you measure.

Making Room

Broadcast #: 6826

God waits for you to commit yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Open Eyes

Broadcast #: 6851

God will open your eyes to see what He’s doing in your life... if you’ll wait before Him.