Broadcasts containing the keyword(s): Comfort

A Call For Help

Broadcast #: 6633

When people are grieving, they need godly love and understanding, not formalities. Remember, God wants to use you so you may help others.

Aim To Build One Another Up

Broadcast #: 7081

Just be there. Your loving presence is more of a comfort than you know. Listen, don’t talk. Love, don’t preach.

All We Need

Broadcast #: 7271

The mystery of the Christian life is that what the Lord Jesus Christ is becomes yours when you trust Him as your savior. You take on by faith, His life.

A Perfect Plan

Broadcast #: 6366

Would you tie the destiny of your own life to the fact that God is always right?

A Wider Viewfinder

Broadcast #: 7088

The key to growth in Christian things is getting involved in something outside of your own concerns

Be Ready

Broadcast #: 7075

Though there is no given time that Christ will return, we must be ready.What does it mean to watch and be sober? Prioritize where you focus your attention.

Blessing Others

Broadcast #: 7163

When others treat you poorly, be a blessing to them instead. God’s purpose for you involves being a blessing to others. Our example of blessing is found in the character of God and how He blesses us.

Comforted to Comfort

Broadcast #: 6315

He comforts us in all our tribulations so we may then comfort others. The main thing is not that you and I feel better; the main point is can we bring comfort to other people?

Comforted To Comfort

Broadcast #: 6479

When your life is filled with God’s Holy Spirit, you’ll make people feel comforted just by being with them.

Comfort In Hurt

Broadcast #: 6604

Jesus understands betrayal and heartache. Let Him comfort you in your heartaches.