I found Dr. Cook on Family Radio in Lake Charles, LA. Whenever I heard him, He was like a father to me. Since I didn't really have a father, he was a great inspiration and I love him dearly. I wish he was still here. His message still applies! I'm moved by the Spirit and forever grateful to have Dr. Cook in my life. Of course, it is all God's work and it is amazing. I'm so grateful that this ministry has been preserved and I pray that it goes on forever! Although the Earth will roll up and fall away, His word endures. Thank you. Many blessings.

Trudy from Louisiana

I listened to Dr. Cook's radio show while my children were growing up. To say I was Blessed by the ministry of Dr. Cook is an understatement! I constantly said to my kids as they left for school, "Walk with the King, and Be a Blessing". Years later, my daughter lived very near to the college and sent me a link to the Walk With The King website... How very exciting to think I can once again hear Dr. Cook's wonderful voice, program, and encouragement to "Walk with the King, and Be a Blessing." I thought I would have to wait until heaven to hear those wonderful words again. Not so! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be blessed all over again.

Linda from Florida

I set my iPhone alarm for 6 A.M. every morning to listen to Dr. Cook! I have learned so much, and I'm always amazed at how he expands on scripture through the use of story to show daily applications. I'm forever thankful for this ministry, and I look forward to hearing Dr. Cook for many years to come.

Jody from California

Some time ago, I came across Dr. Cook's radio broadcast online. Despite the broadcasts being re-runs, I still find his messages to be encouraging and applicable in the crazy world we live in. With so much negativity in society, it's easy to lose track of the positive things right in front of us. What Dr. Cook says and how he says it brings a sense of optimism no matter the challenges that lay ahead. Thank you for the continued broadcasts of the the late Dr. Robert A. Cook!

Lisa from California

I can't think of anyone other than the Holy Spirit Himself that has helped me understand the Bible more than Bob Cook. I often find myself going back to what Bob says in his broadcast to help me get through the day and help others along the way. Please keep Dr. Cook on the air - he's been a like a father to me since I've been saved.

Brandon from Connecticut

I first heard Dr. Bob Cook as a young child when my mother would listen to the program on a local radio station. As a college student at Philadelphia College of Bible, I had the privilege of seeing and hearing him in person during a chapel or two. As an older adult, I would periodically get re-acquainted with the broadcast on local radio and tune in when I could, usually while commuting to work. I took an early retirement two years ago and knew I had to keep some structure to my life as part of the transition from the busy work-a-day world to a new “normal.” Part of that structure has been to listen to the re-broadcasting of Dr. Cook’s old messages at 7 AM each morning on the local Family Radio station. There has been only a handful of times when I’ve missed. It's been a beautiful way to start my day (and get me up early). If I miss a broadcast, I can always listen to it via your website. What a wonderful legacy you have continued. Thank you for keeping his ministry alive. 

John from Pennsylvania

Listening to Dr. Cook every morning helps me live a better Christian life. Some days, it seems like he says exactly what I need to hear most. Just as God touched my life through his words, I pray that God would do the same through me for those around me. 

Eli from New York

I feel so blessed by God and your ministry. I am a recovering alcoholic that found the AA program through the grace of God. All my life I have struggled with a relationship with Him, but in AA, I began to scratch the surface of the great love that God has for me - enough to sacrifice His beloved son Jesus for me. I stumbled upon this radio program in the morning while driving to work. Since that moment, Walk With The King has become such a blessing in my life! I realize that it is not a coincidence... God has a way of finding you right where you are. May God bless Walk With The King  ministry and may it be broadcast forever!

Jackie from New York

When I get to heaven, I will look for brother Cook just to tell him just what his ministry has meant to me! The Lord speaks to me every day through this program. It helps me find my way through the day - straight into the arms of Christ. I think that the saying of Brother Cook's I like the most is: "God's work, done God's way, will not lack for God's supply." May God's blessings be upon Brother Cook's ministry!

Ronald from California

Dr. Cook and his style of radio program is one-of-a-kind - a blessing and edifier for so many listeners. I absolutely love your website: it is pleasing to the eye, very easy to navigate, and just friendly and helpful all the way around. Praying our dear Lord's blessing and protection on your ministry in the airwaves!

Debbie from Nebraska

I'm always thankful for the opportunity to listen to Dr. Cook. His soothing tone, optimistic attitude, simplicity, and spiritual conviction is exactly what I need each day in order to face my many challenges. Dr. Cook not only strengthened my faith, but was also very instrumental in cultivating my desire to pursue ministry studies at a seminary. Thank you for making his passion available to us all as we endeavor to "Walk With The King and be a blessing."

Hugh from New York

By listening to Dr. Cook, I found courage through humility. What a servant of the Lord he was! How wonderful his sayings remain. I love his memory and will always be a faithful listener of Walk With The King broadcasts! 

Leticia from Missouri

I recall often hearing Dr. Cook on my way to work. Of course, one doesn't remember specific messages very well, but at the end of his talk I always remember is joyful directive: "Walk with the King today!" His sign-off is said with such genuineness, enthusiasm, and joy - one knows a follower of Jesus by such encouraging words.

Dan from Ohio

The very first thing I do in the morning is turn on Dr. Cook. I am continually amazed at how comforting, convicting, and joy-bringing the Walk with the King program is! It always speaks to something in my life "right now"! I'm usually cranky due to some minor health issues, but he never fails to bring a smile to my face Thank you for continuing to share his faith walk with us. 

Debbie from Nebraska

It's not enough to say that Dr. Cook's radio ministry has been a comfort and a blessing to me. He shows compassion and care to all his listeners with this trademark greeting, "And hello radio friends. How in the world are you? You doing all right today?" Thank you for continuing the legacy of his ministry. 

Kimberly from Pennsylvania

The first time I heard Dr. Cook, it was at a conference on the importance of men and their roles as brothers in Christ holding each other up for the Kingdom of God. The love of Christ in his words impacted my life in a profound way. One day, we will meet again on the streets of gold. Thank you, Lord, for your servant, Dr. Robert Cook. And thank you for this ministry!

Jerry from New York

I have found the ministry of Dr. Cook to be the most inspirational programs I have ever experienced. He presents the Bible with words that I can hold in my heart. Listening to the broadcast through the computer has helped me deal with extreme loneliness and helplessness in my time of need. Thank you for continuing this ministry. You have helped me to know how to walk with King and be a blessing to myself and others. 

Denise from New Jersey

Thank you for preserving the ministry of Robert A. Cook. It has become a great blessing in my own life, and will be a continuing source of help in the Bible classes that I teach. 

Jerald from Illinois

I found Dr. Cook's teachings to be very comforting. I gain strength every morning while I listen to Walk With The King on the radio. His teaching, his love of people, and his devotion to our Savior gives me hope and strength. I hope to meet him in the next life and thank him for his radio broadcasts!

Richard from Delaware

Dr. Cook helped me to grow in my Christian faith. I listened to him every morning before I left for nursing school. When I graduated, I listened to him on the way to work. His words just gave me peace and encouragement to start the day. I was thrilled to find out that  these memorable broadcasts were available on the internet. Now, I can share these other broadcasts with my teenage girls wherever I am in the world. This is a true blessing!

Ana from California

As a new Christian, I would listen to Dr. Cook on a local Christian station every morning as I got up and got ready for work. More recently, the Lord has led me back to these wonderful Walk With The King broadcasts on local radio. I just love Dr. Cook's warm style and solid teaching! Thank you for keeping Walk With The King on the air. 

Eunice from New York

Every morning of my childhood, my father would wake us up with Family Radio. When Dr. Cook came on, it was almost time to leave for school. His calm, distinctive voice would make us stop whatever we were doing and listen. God's Word would echo in my head all day in Cook's voice. Hearing those words everyday before walking out the door let me know my steps are ordered in God and I have nothing to fear. I am blessed;  Dr. Cook let me know that and told me to pay it forward by being a blessing to others. "Walk with the King today and be a blessing." Truly words to live by!

Anjeli from Maryland

I was driving to work about 35 years ago when I came across Walk With The King. When I heard Dr. Cook, I was able to relate to the Bible in a way that I never could before. I was able to understand what the Bible teaches. It was because of this realization that I decided to turn my life over to God. If it wasn't for those moments with Dr. Cook, I regret to think where my life would be today. I was truly saved. Thank you, God, for your servant, Dr. Cook.

Joseph from Delaware

I was introduced to Walk with the King when I was a girl. I remember the voice of Dr. Cook being very soothing and calming - my father would listen to it with me in the car on our way to school in the morning. Now, as an junior in college, I'm able to access the broadcasts anytime, anywhere as I go through my day. Thank your for this blessed ministry!

Folasade from Pennsylvania

I used to hear the friendly voice of Dr. Cook every day in the afternoon. I always would look forward to it because it felt like he was talking to me. Thank you for keeping these recordings available to the world, they're a true blessing to us all. 

Lei from New Jersey

The more I listen to Brother Cook, the more I am convinced of his value to those within and without the Church. Plus, he's my very favorite voice on the radio! Over the years, his spirit-filled teaching has blessed my walk with the Lord in ways I can't express.

Roger from Washington

Walk With The King helped me grow closer to God when I needed Him most. Today, I am close to God thanks to the ministry of Robert A. Cook. Thank you for making these broadcasts available to those who wish to draw near to Jesus. 

Vera from California

Times were exciting and challenging when I first started my career away from home as a young woman. I found that I needed help way beyond my own knowledge and wisdom. So, early one morning, I tuned my radio station and found Dr. Cook! "Good Morning my radio friends!" ... it was almost like he was right there in my living room!..."How in the world are you?" He lifted my spirits, challenged my views, brushed me off, and pointed me toward the right road every morning. Now that I've found Walk With The King on the internet, I'm having that same experience with my entire family. God used Dr. Cook's life in a mighty way - and He's still using the recordings today! 

Rebecca from Maryland

As an non-believing young man, I remember waking up to my FM alarm every morning without even realizing that it was Dr. Cook speaking the Word of God. The Lord used Dr. Cook to sow seeds of the Gospel into my heart that eventually reaped a harvest of salvation. I am so blessed today - and I feel I owe a part of my redemption to Dr. Cook and Walk With The King. Thank you for keeping this ministry going!

Michael from New Jersey

I used to listen to Brother Cook every morning. From my car, he would take me on a journey back in time to the midwest, where he was raised a motherless boy by his Aunt, all the way to his years at the college in Westchester County. He always had a way with telling stories and I'm so happy I have the chance to listen to them once more online. 

Nithal from New York

As a young Christian, I discovered Dr. Bob's radio program on the radio. I couldn't hear enough of his broadcasts! His voice was always so warm and loving, especially when he closed out the program with his signature, "Walk with the King and be a blessing." Thank you for having this wonderful website where I can return and listen to many of his messages. God Bless. 

Donna from California

My beloved father died 21 years ago. For a long time since then, I have missed his conversations. He would always teach me life lessons, all of which were braided with Gods' Word. Robert A. Cook's stories and teachings remind me so much of my father's. I feel a warm feeling of fellowship when I hear his voice... sort of the same feeling I would get when my Dad was alive. I am grateful to have tapped into this website!

Eileen from New York

For years, Dr. Cook talked about things that just happen to fit right into situation I was living or coping with at that time. It was such a blessing for me. I've always felt like I was sitting down with a special friend that says exactly what I need to hear and encourages me to keep my faith strong and trust in the Lord. 

Jeanne from New Jersey

I ride to work each morning listening to Dr. Cook. His words bless me so much! Thank you for keeping these broadcasts available online for when I get home from work. 

Sandra from Florida

I have listened to Dr. Cook since 1964 - and I've looked forward to hearing him each morning. He has blessed me with his friendly, encouraging, and Spirit-filled messages. I continue to walk with the King to this day thanks to this ministry. 

Theresa from New Jersey

Dr. Cook's radio program never failed to challenge and encourage anyone fortunate enough to be listening in! He was such a loving, caring, godly man who everyone loved and no one could ever forget. Thank God for Dr. Cook and his radio broadcasts!

Lois from New York

I got saved in 1985 while serving a life sentence in prison. While in prison, I started listening to Family Radio and soon found myself saturated with this Christ-centered ministry of brother Bob Cook. His broadcasts would air every morning at 6:00 AM, which I would listen to every morning before exiting my cell. I'll never forget those encouraging words... "Walk with the King and be a blessing!" Having been home for 8 years now, I am still continuing to Walk with the King and be a blessing.

Sammy from California

Dr. Cook help me become the person that I am in Christ today. His voice walked with me through good times, as well as bad times, and I thank God for him. When he passed, I was terribly sad, but I know that he is in Glory forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work of this ministry. I pray this work continues on so that others may also walk with the King and be a blessing.

Teresa from New Jersey

A busy and sometimes overwhelmed mom of three, I have found the Walk With The King broadcast on my local Christian station to be such a comfort for me. I greet the 9:15 AM program with coffee in-hand and heart ready to bloom. I thank the Lord for this friend on the radio who shares openly his personal walk with the Lord and also brings God's precious Word to the table with such love. Thank you Jesus for those who share Your light in a dark world.

Adriane from Connecticut

Ever since I was a girl, I heard "Good morning, Dear Radio Friends, how in the world are you?" as I ate my breakfast. Now, 18 years later, I still find myself hearing this same greeting and answering out loud, "Just great, Dr. Cook. How are you?" I have been encouraged to be "real" with God and others over the years and to dig so much deeper into God's Word. I thank God that Dr. Cook's messages have been on the radio for this long, and I hope and pray that they continue to be aired on the radio and on the internet. Thank you for continuing to air Dr. Cook's messages and old radio broadcasts. They are still alive with the Word of God and full of truth that people desperately need to hear. Praise God for a man that obeyed Him and is still "being a blessing" today!

Emily from Colorado

I first heard Dr. Cook as a sophomore in college. His words of encouragement and daily program truly sustained me through a very difficult period of my life. Today, almost 50 years after I started listening to Dr. Cook's broadcasts, I am still walking with the King and listening to Dr. Cook each morning on my computer. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Cook's ministry once again!

Richard from Hawaii

When I was a younger woman, I was in dire straights. I needed comfort and something to find hope in for my future and the future of my unborn child. Dr. Cook was there for me every morning as I drove to work, humbly loving and guiding me into the arms of my heavenly Father over the radio. Thank God for Dr. Cook and thank God for this ministry. 

Mary from Pennsylvania

I've listened to Walk With The King radio broadcasts for many years. I even shared it with my father about 3 years before he passed away. It brings a smile to my face when I remember my father and I saying goodbye to each other by quoting "walk with the King today and be a blessing!" Dr. Cook's gentle spirit reminds me of my father's gentle personality. Thank you so very much for how this ministry has touched me and my family. 

Elizabeth from Connecticut

This world would be a better place if more people took Dr. Cook's simple, commonsense advice to heart. I know that I'm a better father, husband, and friend thanks to listening to Dr. Cook's encouraging, uplifting broadcasts. I've tuned-in daily now for about 7-8 years during my long commute to work. I now "walk with God" thru almost every step of the day. Talk about a simple way to put things in your life in perspective - Dr. Cook makes it ever so clear, all you need to do is listen.

Tony from Wisconsin

Every morning, it's Dr. Cook who keeps me from feeling beat up emotionally and spiritually with his positive, up-beat, and encouraging remarks. Praise the Lord for his continuing ministry to others like myself who are in desperate need of the love of Christ. 

William from Pennsylvania

I found Dr. Cook's 15-minute radio program several years ago and would listen to it on my way to work. He always ended with, "Walk with the King today... and be a blessing." What encouragement and joy that blessing puts in my day! I walk taller and have joy in my heart throughout the workday thanks to these uplifting messages. Thank you, Dr. Cook. And thank you to the ministry enabling this website so his wonderful legacy may live on!

Kathy from Pennsylvania

My husband was only 39 years old when the doctors told him he could no longer work due to a neurological movement disorder. We had three children under the age of 17 and times were very difficult for our whole family. Though my husband was not a believer at the time, I used to listen to Walk with the King on the radio while I got ready for work each morning. He would lie on the bed and listen too. He just loved the sound of Dr. Cook's kind voice. I believe it was this daily walk with Dr. Cook and the King that eventually brought my husband to become a born again believer. I hope and pray that this radio ministry will continue to bless folks all around the world. 

Millie from New York

If I could say something about my friends to the world, I would tell them about my friend, Dr. Robert Cook. I feel like he is a close friend, though I've never actually talked with or seen him in person. Nevertheless, he has become my faithful radio friend with his voice of wisdom direct from the Bible. One day in eternity, I'll look up my friend Dr. Cook and explain how I walked with the King under his Spirit-filled words. Praise God and my Lord Jesus Christ for Dr. Cook, my daily blessing. 

Jordan from Florida

"And hello radio friends. How in the world are you?...It's nice to belong to each other, isn’t it?" I like that. It seems like Dr. Cook's greeting is the ever-present greeting to people everywhere in need of a friend in Christ. These broadcasts have had such a positive impact on my life and the lives of those around the world Thank you so much, Dr. Cook, for being there. 

Johnny from New York