Every morning of my childhood, my father would wake us up with Family Radio. When Dr. Cook came on, it was almost time to leave for school. His calm, distinctive voice would make us stop whatever we were doing and listen. God’s Word would echo in my head all day in Cook’s voice. Hearing those words everyday before walking out the door let me know my steps are ordered in God and I have nothing to fear. I am blessed;  Dr. Cook let me know that and told me to pay it forward by being a blessing to others. “Walk with the King today and be a blessing.” Truly words to live by!

Anjeli from Maryland

As a new Christian, I would listen to Dr. Cook on a local Christian station every morning as I got up and got ready for work. More recently, the Lord has led me back to these wonderful Walk With The King broadcasts on local radio. I just love Dr. Cook’s warm style and solid teaching! Thank you for keeping Walk With The King on the air. 

Eunice from New York

As a young Christian, I discovered Dr. Bob’s radio program on the radio. I couldn’t hear enough of his broadcasts! His voice was always so warm and loving, especially when he closed out the program with his signature, “Walk with the King and be a blessing.” Thank you for having this wonderful website where I can return and listen to many of his messages. God Bless. 

Donna from California

I have listened to Dr. Cook since 1964 – and I’ve looked forward to hearing him each morning. He has blessed me with his friendly, encouraging, and Spirit-filled messages. I continue to walk with the King to this day thanks to this ministry. 

Theresa from New Jersey

A busy and sometimes overwhelmed mom of three, I have found the Walk With The King broadcast on my local Christian station to be such a comfort for me. I greet the 9:15 AM program with coffee in-hand and heart ready to bloom. I thank the Lord for this friend on the radio who shares openly his personal walk with the Lord and also brings God’s precious Word to the table with such love. Thank you Jesus for those who share Your light in a dark world.

Adriane from Connecticut

My beloved father died 21 years ago. For a long time since then, I have missed his conversations. He would always teach me life lessons, all of which were braided with Gods’ Word. Robert A. Cook’s stories and teachings remind me so much of my father’s. I feel a warm feeling of fellowship when I hear his voice… sort of the same feeling I would get when my Dad was alive. I am grateful to have tapped into this website!

Eileen from New York

I ride to work each morning listening to Dr. Cook. His words bless me so much! Thank you for keeping these broadcasts available online for when I get home from work. 

Sandra from Florida

Dr. Cook help me become the person that I am in Christ today. His voice walked with me through good times, as well as bad times, and I thank God for him. When he passed, I was terribly sad, but I know that he is in Glory forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work of this ministry. I pray this work continues on so that others may also walk with the King and be a blessing.

Teresa from New Jersey

Ever since I was a girl, I heard “Good morning, Dear Radio Friends, how in the world are you?” as I ate my breakfast. Now, 18 years later, I still find myself hearing this same greeting and answering out loud, “Just great, Dr. Cook. How are you?” I have been encouraged to be “real” with God and others over the years and to dig so much deeper into God’s Word. I thank God that Dr. Cook’s messages have been on the radio for this long, and I hope and pray that they continue to be aired on the radio and on the internet. Thank you for continuing to air Dr. Cook’s messages and old radio broadcasts. They are still alive with the Word of God and full of truth that people desperately need to hear. Praise God for a man that obeyed Him and is still “being a blessing” today!

Emily from Colorado

I used to listen to Brother Cook every morning. From my car, he would take me on a journey back in time to the midwest, where he was raised a motherless boy by his Aunt, all the way to his years at the college in Westchester County. He always had a way with telling stories and I’m so happy I have the chance to listen to them once more online. 

Nithal from New York