How To Inherit The Earth

Broadcast #: 7006
Scripture: Psalm 37:9

What does God mean when He says, “the meek shall inherit the Earth?” Why is trusting in God the key to true happiness.

He Can Work It Out

Broadcast #: 7005
Scripture: Psalm 37:2-9

Often times, we approach God with our prayers–and we expect those prayers to be answered in the ways we want. The importance of giving up control.

Be Yourself

Broadcast #: 6964
Scripture: John 18:25-28

So just be yourself and shine for the Lord Jesus and look at other people, even those who oppose you, as folk who have a need.

Lord Of Every Circumstance

Broadcast #: 6872
Scripture: John 9:1-3

God has a way of glorifying Himself through your life, handicapped though you may be.

Just Say Yes

Broadcast #: 6863
Scripture: John 7:2-46

The whole thrust of scripture is that the Will of God and the revelation of God’s way of salvation is the most important concept in all of your life.

Beyond Your Imagination

Broadcast #: 6804
Scripture: John 1:14-17

Give yourself up to the Lord Jesus and let Him give you His “more grace”. It’s always too soon to quit.

Perfect, Brilliant Light

Broadcast #: 6797
Scripture: John 1:9-13

The Light of the World: When He comes into your life, He makes a difference by lighting up your heart.

Unbelief Hurts

Broadcast #: 6635
Scripture: Mark 7

God truly cares about us in all things, and He knows what He is doing. Our lack of confidence that He can help us hurts Him.

All You Have

Broadcast #: 6634
Scripture: Mark 6

God holds us responsible for meeting other’s needs. He loves using little things to create big miracles. Yield all you have to Him and He will bless it.

Your Alabaster Box

Broadcast #: 6596
Scripture: Mark 14:1-3

I only know that true worship brings that most precious thing, whatever it is, and gives it over once and for all to the Lord Jesus Christ.