The Cares Of Life

Broadcast #: 7187
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:7

Cares are anxieties. Cast your care on God by giving over the control of the situation to God, let him manage the flow of circumstances, give him the right to manage your feelings and let it go by faith.

How To Handle Worrying

Broadcast #: 7186
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:7

You don’t have to worry because God is managing things. Do your part and leave the outcome up to God. God cares for you.

True Humility

Broadcast #: 7185
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:6

To humble yourself before God means you acknowledge you can’t do or think anything without God’s help. Be obedient and God will take care of the recognition.

Focus Means Worship

Broadcast #: 7086
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:13

If I keep my mind on God and His Word and His Will, I’ll end up trusting God; and as a result, I’ll have perfect peace.

Living At Peace With Others

Broadcast #: 7085
Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

You work every day under the supervision of God. Do what you do because God has you there. Live at peace. The war in your own heart is over and you don’t need to worry with your focus on God.

How To Deal With Pressure

Broadcast #: 7001
Scripture: Psalm 37

People all over the world have to deal with the constant stress of pressure. How do we manage? Dr. Cook walks us through God’s strategy to deal with pressure.

Finding Peace

Broadcast #: 6467
Scripture: Mark 9:50

You can rejoice in that vast, ineffable sense of divinely given well-being that comes when you’ve prayed about a matter.

Heavenly Priorities

Broadcast #: 6349
Scripture: Psalm 23:6

The goodness of God leads you to put your Savior first instead of things and people.

What Do You Depend On?

Broadcast #: 6348
Scripture: Psalm 23:6

You and I don’t have to depend on good and bad luck. Good luck is the quality of being in God’s will at the right place and the right times so He can bless you.