Taking Criticism For Your Faith

Broadcast #: 7170

Gossip as a sin is equal to murder. If you are doing what God’s will says, you can stand tall under opposition. Don’t be ashamed when persecuted, but give God glory.

Honor God In What You Say

Broadcast #: 7404

Your words have the power to minister to someone. Pray before you speak. If you fill your mind with God’s word, it will come out in your words.. Pray before you say something.

What We Say Reflects Our Heart

Broadcast #: 7165

God said, “Seek peace.” So that means, look for the non-combative, non-confrontational way of relating to people and to issues.

Ways Of Building One Another Up

Broadcast #: 7082

When you become a Christian, you give up the right to put yourself first. The more you think of others first, the more blessed you will be.

Before You Speak

Broadcast #: 6313

The combination of Christian vocabulary is God’s grace and common sense. God’s grace and common sense, put together, give you an effective vocabulary.