Knowing What You Know

Broadcast #: 7352

God will never do your homework for you — but He will give you wisdom in knowing what to do and what you know.

What’s Going On?

Broadcast #: 7285

Interesting that Paul should pray that these people should have an understanding of what God is doing. Why? Well, because your effectiveness in any given situation often depends on whether you know what you’re doing or not.

Get To Know God

Broadcast #: 7206

With the knowledge of God we have all things: righteousness, sanctification and redemption. We have everything we need to live a godly life.

Who Lives In You?

Broadcast #: 6824

If you’re completely given over to the Lord Jesus Christ, it’ll show up in what you do.

All Our Needs

Broadcast #: 6675

You are part of God’s plan in the world today. Give Him your schedule and let Him use you.

Hardness Of Heart

Broadcast #: 6620

It comes from self-interest. The “I want” factor. What I want, when it becomes more important than what God wants.

I’m With Him

Broadcast #: 6552

It’s such a wonderful thing to trust the Lord Jesus to be in you and for you and through you,

Desiring His Will

Broadcast #: 6307

God takes care of the two problems of human nature. One is this: you don’t want to do the right thing a lot of times. The ‘will’ to do right is not always there.

Rain Or Shine

Broadcast #: 6304

Make a habit of turning often to your blessed living Lord and committing the present situation to Him… everything from a possible promotion to a flat tire.

Renewed Power

Broadcast #: 6518

Now, you don’t have to burn out when God is resupplying the power.