Heart For His Will

Broadcast #: 6987

If you want to be guided, make up your mind to obey God and what you know is His will.

In God’s Will

Broadcast #: 6860

Pray on the basis of the known will of God in line with his Word.

Unbelief Hurts

Broadcast #: 6635

God truly cares about us in all things, and He knows what He is doing. Our lack of confidence that He can help us hurts Him.

A Person, Not Religion

Broadcast #: 6622

The realness of God is what makes people different. Introduce God as a person, not a religion. Be Holy Spirit filled and bring all life’s areas into His presence and care.

Christ’s Living Presence

Broadcast #: 6621

The turning point is the realization that He is alive and we are filled with the Holy Spirit and surrounded in His Presence. This truth gives us a glorious awareness of God.

Banishing Unbelief

Broadcast #: 6619

If you’re troubled with doubts, and I suppose everyone is at sometime or other in his or her life, get into God’s Word, and read the promises that He’s made and the prophecies that have been fulfilled.

Working With God

Broadcast #: 6578

You are working with God. Your life, every part of it, now is part of the eternal purpose of God.

Strengthened By Faith

Broadcast #: 6454

If you want your faith to be strengthened, go to the Word. Read what God has done in other lives.

Faith Discovery

Broadcast #: 6453

Ask Him to give you the simple, childlike faith that believes God’s Word and rests upon His promise.

How To Hurt God

Broadcast #: 6413

Without faith, you cannot please God fully and then results and His plans can be hindered. It hurts God when we reject Him or don’t believe He can do something. He can and He will. Just trust Him.