Trust God

Trust, Rest, Wait

Broadcast #: 7004
Scripture: Psalm 37:7

So much in life involves waiting. Having faith means waiting on the Lord without a guarantee of knowing the exact timing of His plans. Explore the divine peace of trusting God’s timing.

Lord Of Every Circumstance

Broadcast #: 6872
Scripture: John 9:1-3

God has a way of glorifying Himself through your life, handicapped though you may be.

Matters That Matter

Broadcast #: 6839
Scripture: John 5:1-16

When God says a thing happened, it happened. You don’t have to explain everything, but you can believe God.

Best Choice

Broadcast #: 7518
Scripture: Deuteronlomy 6:24

God gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. Your best possible deal in life will be yours when you trust our Blessed Lord.

Pray The Change

Broadcast #: 7445
Scripture: Romans 14:1

People are never encouraged to seek God by your scolding them.