Timeless God

Broadcast #: 7279

God is absolutely perfect, eternally self-fulfilled, He never needs renewal, He never gets tired, He never gets weary, He doesn’t have to sleep, He doesn’t get worn out. God’s glory never gets tarnished.

Proof In The Doing

Broadcast #: 7093

You want to know that God is real? Start obeying Him. It’s that simple.

What Do You Depend On?

Broadcast #: 6348

You and I don’t have to depend on good and bad luck. Good luck is the quality of being in God’s will at the right place and the right times so He can bless you.

Constant Provision

Broadcast #: 6338

Look heavenward and let the Heavenly Father reassure you that He is there, He’s caring for you, and that He’s there in your time of need…

Praise And Faith

Broadcast #: 6329

Sit down and make a list of the things that you ought to be thankful for — things for which you have never thanked your Lord, and then get busy thanking Him.

Bring Every Thought

Broadcast #: 6326

The job of the Holy Spirit, so far as you on Earth is concerned, is to represent and to reveal the Lord Jesus in your life and through your life.


Broadcast #: 6513

What he’s really saying is: start to live in a manner that will reflect praise on your heavenly Father.

Knowing His Will

Broadcast #: 6512

If it’s in the Bible, do it. If it is forbidden in the Bible, don’t do it. That’s the will of God.