The Secret Place

Broadcast #: 6648

Don’t let Satan’s half truths snare you. They are merely lies mixed with a little logic. Dwell with God and He will keep you safe in any situation.

Power In Prayer

Broadcast #: 6643

Take time for prayer, as it will help you stay strong in the Lord and make wise choices, not rash ones.


Broadcast #: 6372

You are absolutely unsinkable when you are in the Will of God: filled with the Spirit of God and obeying the Will of God.

Winning The Battle

Broadcast #: 6371

Some of the saddest things in all of life are those times when you see someone who has been used of God but is tripped up by Satan’s snares.

Stand Strong

Broadcast #: 6365

Satan is interested in making so-called “good people” who can do their work and live their lives without God.

Confronting The Enemy

Broadcast #: 7405

The Holy Spirit helps us to be aware of the strategies we need in winning the war against evil. Trust in God, let the Holy Spirit of God fill your life and He will be with you every step of the way.