Trust, Rest, Wait

Broadcast #: 7004
Scripture: Psalm 37:7

So much in life involves waiting. Having faith means waiting on the Lord without a guarantee of knowing the exact timing of His plans. Explore the divine peace of trusting God’s timing.

Stay Connected to God

Broadcast #: 6921
Scripture: John 15:4

This is something that ought to frighten every one of us: the possibility of through our own carelessness and willfulness, of separating ourselves from the life-giving, sustaining presence and power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Rest Of Hope

Broadcast #: 6720
Scripture: 1 Timothy 4:10

To direct hope to someone means to build hope on someone — in turn, to rest in hope.


Broadcast #: 6330
Scripture: Psalm 23:1-2

God can give you quietness of soul. Have you trusted Him for that?

Giving It Up

Broadcast #: 7502
Scripture: Romans 15:32

What a precious wonderful experience that is just to let go of the burden and say, “Lord, you carry it.”