A Person, Not Religion

Broadcast #: 6622

The realness of God is what makes people different. Introduce God as a person, not a religion. Be Holy Spirit filled and bring all life’s areas into His presence and care.

It Always Matters

Broadcast #: 6609

Don’t get routine about eternity or God, but always be real with Him. Everything you do matters, no matter how small it is.

Mismotivated Love

Broadcast #: 6595

Religion is quite capable of trying to get somebody else out of your way in order to get what you want. That’s religion, by itself, aided by fallen human nature.

Draw Nigh To God

Broadcast #: 6429

When you make God Lord of your life, you will get direction from Him. Don’t let religion become routine. Always find time to be alone with God and to pray. Acknowledge His Lordship and you’ll begin to understand what He wants of you.