How To Inherit The Earth

Broadcast #: 7006
Scripture: Psalm 37:9

What does God mean when He says, “the meek shall inherit the Earth?” Why is trusting in God the key to true happiness.

He Can Work It Out

Broadcast #: 7005
Scripture: Psalm 37:2-9

Often times, we approach God with our prayers–and we expect those prayers to be answered in the ways we want. The importance of giving up control.

A Wonderful Mystery

Broadcast #: 6699
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:9

The mystery of the faith is that I, a poor, guilty sinner, can become a child of God

God Of Second Chances

Broadcast #: 6668
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:12-14

God is about second chances, so never think you are too far gone. The realization of God’s provision comes after you spend time in prayer, and revealed to you through the Holy Spirit.

Faith Begets Faith

Broadcast #: 6592
Scripture: Mark 12:41-44

When you give what God tells you to give for His work, He is not going to fail you.

What Do You Depend On?

Broadcast #: 6348
Scripture: Psalm 23:6

You and I don’t have to depend on good and bad luck. Good luck is the quality of being in God’s will at the right place and the right times so He can bless you.

Constant Provision

Broadcast #: 6338
Scripture: Psalm 23:4-5

Look heavenward and let the Heavenly Father reassure you that He is there, He’s caring for you, and that He’s there in your time of need…

Good Heart, Good Works

Broadcast #: 6472
Scripture: Titus 3:14

There is something that the faithful, indwelling Spirit of God will whisper to your heart every time you pray.

The Most Valuable

Broadcast #: 6481
Scripture: Titus 3:12

People are important. Seek to provide for those in your life properly.