How To Comfort

Broadcast #: 7079

What does it mean for Christians to do some comforting? Be there, be physically present. Use encouraging words and positive reinforcement.

Knowing His Presence

Broadcast #: 6960

If you’ll spend a little time with your Lord, and if you’ll listen to what He says to you through His Word and by the Holy Spirit, you’ll know something of His presence.

Leadership In The Family

Broadcast #: 6694

You don’t demand that kind of a leadership, you have to earn it on your knees.

The Secret Place

Broadcast #: 6648

Don’t let Satan’s half truths snare you. They are merely lies mixed with a little logic. Dwell with God and He will keep you safe in any situation.

Home With God

Broadcast #: 6647

Make God at home within your heart. The key to this kind of relationship is fear, obedience, respect, love and awe.

Stay Watchful

Broadcast #: 6641

Let me react to pressures in a way that will bring glory to Jesus. Pray your way through the day.

A Person, Not Religion

Broadcast #: 6622

The realness of God is what makes people different. Introduce God as a person, not a religion. Be Holy Spirit filled and bring all life’s areas into His presence and care.

Blessing His Will

Broadcast #: 6342

When the Lord Jesus invites you to sit down at His table, it is indeed the cup of blessing which we bless.

Exchanging Wants

Broadcast #: 7501

How much better and how much wiser it is, beloved, just to say, “Lord Jesus, I want what you want.”