A Lifestyle Of Trusting

Broadcast #: 7331

Once you’ve committed yourself to Him, you embark on a lifestyle of commitment, trust, obedience that is marked by what the Bible calls faith.

Out Of Control

Broadcast #: 7328

Make Him Lord of your feelings. By faith, take from Him the calming of the inner storms and the joy and peace that He alone can give.

Bound In Peace

Broadcast #: 7325

There’s room in God’s economy for infinite variety, but it always honors Jesus. It always is true to the Word and it always results in bringing people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Big Hearts

Broadcast #: 7322

Love comes in answer to being in the presence of God and letting Him fill you life.

Life With Others

Broadcast #: 7321

Maybe we need to be placed in a position where we have to cope with other people’s frailties so as to have a heart of compassion like our Lord, who knows?

Made For Glory

Broadcast #: 7319

The more you yield to the Spirit of God, the more effective you’ll be in praying and in answers to prayer.

A Battle For The Mind

Broadcast #: 7318

You and I beloved are indwelled by the Holy Spirit of God. And you have the privilege then, by faith, of opening your mind to the blessed Spirit of God whose job it is to reveal Christ to you.

Pray Big

Broadcast #: 7316

Your success in dealing with God and dealing with life will be exactly proportional to how much control He has inside of you.

Wide And Deep

Broadcast #: 7314

What’s the breadth of the spread of Christ’s love? Does it extend to people who snub you? And to those who want nothing to do with you? Can you still express His love?

Making Room

Broadcast #: 7313

And so, on the same basis in which you trusted Christ for salvation, so, you open every room in your life to the Holy Spirit of God.