Obey God

Good Things In Store

Broadcast #: 6929

There is a beautiful experience waiting for you, beloved friend. If you haven’t already discovered it, as you read God’s Word and meditate upon it and allow the indwelling Holy Spirit to speak to you, your heart will rejoice in the truth of God.

Charged Up

Broadcast #: 6928

Start straightening up areas where you’ve been disobeying God and fighting His Will — you will be spiritually motivated. The voltage level in your soul will be turned up and you will begin to shine for God.

Love By Obedience

Broadcast #: 6885

Obedience is the key to expressed love and fellowship.

Quick To Obey

Broadcast #: 6814

Delayed obedience is disobedience — there’s no way around doing what God tells you to do.

He’s The Blesser

Broadcast #: 7451

God reserves the right to bless people with whom you disagree.