He’s In Control

Broadcast #: 7317
Scripture: Ephesians 3:20

God has something for you. Learn to count on the surprises of God — up, over, out of, and way beyond anything you can ask or even imagine. He’s able to do that.

Your Gifts for Others

Broadcast #: 7403
Scripture: 1 Peter 4:10

God has given gifts to every believer. We are to use our gifts to meet people at the point of their need.

Directed By: God

Broadcast #: 6908
Scripture: John 13:2-3

Realize and remember that the circumstances through which you go are part of God’s plan for you.

The Meaning Of Cheer

Broadcast #: 6703
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:10-13

Go cheerfully out of your way to help others — without being asked.

All You Have

Broadcast #: 6634
Scripture: Mark 6

God holds us responsible for meeting other’s needs. He loves using little things to create big miracles. Yield all you have to Him and He will bless it.

Ask And Receive

Broadcast #: 6433
Scripture: Mark 7:24-30

There is always room for the person who asks Jesus for something. If you believe completely in Him, He will not let you down, but will give you what you have asked for.

Choosing Truth

Broadcast #: 6394
Scripture: Mark 3:22-27

You have that self-humbling of yourself before God; submission to God, and then by faith, the process of resisting Satan.


Broadcast #: 6330
Scripture: Psalm 23:1-2

God can give you quietness of soul. Have you trusted Him for that?

Praying Towards Answers

Broadcast #: 6505
Scripture: Colossians 1:9

Let your mind visualize the answer and see what God will do.

What Do You Want?

Broadcast #: 6504
Scripture: Colossians 1:9

Praying means verbalizing my request to God as exactly as I can.