Broadcast #: 6762
Scripture: 1 Timothy 6:11

The essence of meekness is to accept people at their full value — before God, as well as in relationship to other human beings.

Running Away

Broadcast #: 6608
Scripture: Mark 14:44-48

The formula for doing the right thing includes seeking God, avoiding impulse and fleeing from temptation. Pray and prioritize all the things in your life.

How Sorry Are You?

Broadcast #: 6417
Scripture: Mark 6:19-21

Godly sorrow works for repentance, but the sorrow of the world works for death. Submit your thoughts and emotions to God so He can really know how you feel.

Always Say Yes

Broadcast #: 6416
Scripture: Mark 6:13-28

Don’t take it personally if someone hates you because you’re a Christian. Hearts that turn away from God react this way. Say yes to God’s will and be sure that when the truth of God comes to you that you don’t quench it. Everyone makes mistakes and you will always remember them. But repent to God and things will be made anew.

New Wine

Broadcast #: 6382
Scripture: Mark 2:14-17

Beware of the tendency to watch other people only to criticize them.

Undeniable Goodness

Broadcast #: 6344
Scripture: Psalm 23:6

There are two things you and I take by faith: the existence of God – and the goodness of God: the fact that He’s doing the right thing with us.