Involving God In Your Life

Broadcast #: 7121
Scripture: 1 Peter 1:3

Start with God and ask Him for advice. We can invite God to get involved in our ordinary life. You get comfortable with God as Father when you make Him Lord.

Trust, Rest, Wait

Broadcast #: 7004
Scripture: Psalm 37:7

So much in life involves waiting. Having faith means waiting on the Lord without a guarantee of knowing the exact timing of His plans. Explore the divine peace of trusting God’s timing.

Getting What You Want

Broadcast #: 7002
Scripture: Psalm 37:4

People love getting what they want. What we long for, or aquire, or work for usually indicates where our heart lies. Here are God’s guidelines for getting what we want in life.

What God Is Like

Broadcast #: 6676
Scripture: 1 Timothy 1:17-19

When you have some need, take it to God by faith. And if you ever wondered what God is really like, Jesus is the answer.