Fitting In

Broadcast #: 6912

Learn to transform daily routines by fitting them into a heavenly framework. God’s plans for you extend beyond this life.

Christ’s Living Presence

Broadcast #: 6621

The turning point is the realization that He is alive and we are filled with the Holy Spirit and surrounded in His Presence. This truth gives us a glorious awareness of God.

The Right Way

Broadcast #: 6602

Don’t look for the easy way, look for the right way.

What Drives You?

Broadcast #: 6601

Your interests drive your life. Always remember that even when you feel unrecognized, God remembers your service. Honor Him and spread the Gospel’s good news anywhere you can.

What Are You Really Thinking About?

Broadcast #: 6598

What you really think about, that which is on your mind all the time, becomes the basis on which you are willing to risk your life and your well-being