Living For His Purpose

Broadcast #: 7254
Scripture: 2 Peter 2

The reason we’re asked to give ourselves over to God completely as a living sacrifice is to prove that God is right. That you may prove what is good and what is acceptable and what is perfect, namely, the will of God.

Our Attitude Towards Work

Broadcast #: 7144
Scripture: 1 Peter 2:17

It is to God’s glory if we suffer for doing good while at work. Let God work out the problems we may face when working with others.

He Answers Your Cry

Broadcast #: 6612
Scripture: Mark 15:1-22

God won’t always answer our questions. However, He will always answer our cry.

Faith On-the-Job

Broadcast #: 6487
Scripture: Colossians 1:1

He just needs you to be available to do His work. Know what your job is and how to do it.