Christian Consistency

Broadcast #: 6565
Scripture: Mark 10:14

If we’re going to have our children touched by the Savior, we have to have a life that’s real with Him.

Eye On The Prize

Broadcast #: 6395
Scripture: Mark 3:26-31

Keep your mind on what God has told you to do and stay at the task until it’s finished.

The Key To Ministry

Broadcast #: 6381
Scripture: Mark 2:3-15

If you can express love and compassion to them, you can also preach the Gospel to them and see them changed by the Spirit of God.

Order Of Operations

Broadcast #: 6380
Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

God always starts with the heart condition before He does anything with the circumstances.

Ordinary Made Extraordinary

Broadcast #: 6367
Scripture: Mark 1:14-20

God wants to meet you in the ordinary things of life. Yes, He does!