All We Need

Broadcast #: 7271
Scripture: Ephesians 1-3

The mystery of the Christian life is that what the Lord Jesus Christ is becomes yours when you trust Him as your savior. You take on by faith, His life.

Matters That Matter

Broadcast #: 6839
Scripture: John 5:1-16

When God says a thing happened, it happened. You don’t have to explain everything, but you can believe God.

Ask And Receive

Broadcast #: 6433
Scripture: Mark 7:24-30

There is always room for the person who asks Jesus for something. If you believe completely in Him, He will not let you down, but will give you what you have asked for.

The Key To Ministry

Broadcast #: 6381
Scripture: Mark 2:3-15

If you can express love and compassion to them, you can also preach the Gospel to them and see them changed by the Spirit of God.

Order Of Operations

Broadcast #: 6380
Scripture: Mark 2:1-12

God always starts with the heart condition before He does anything with the circumstances.

Victorious Victory

Broadcast #: 6373
Scripture: Mark 1:29-35

Yield yourself to Christ and let the Holy Spirit of God guide you. You’ll find that you too, have the thrill and the joy of winning somebody to the Lord Jesus.

A Winning Pairing

Broadcast #: 7420
Scripture: Acts 14:8

If you combine the gospel message and faith that God can do the impossible, then, my dear friend, you have a potent, a very potent combination.