Constant Prayer

Broadcast #: 6983

Could you adopt, today, as a way of life, a constantly prayerful attitude, that asks God to lead you to people who are ready for Jesus? What a thrill that is: to know that God has guided you.

Waiting To Reap

Broadcast #: 6836

There’s a time for sowing and there’s a time for reaping, and God orders the chronology of these things — you and I don’t do it.

Think: Harvest

Broadcast #: 6835

Today is the harvest — God’s work today. There’s an urgency about the Will of God of which you and I must always be aware.

Marching Orders

Broadcast #: 6794

God doesn’t always explain what He has in mind when He tells you to do something — but he does expect you to obey.

Send Me!

Broadcast #: 6793

God wants to send you to be a blessing — He’ll always start on the basis of things and people that you know.

Hurrying The Harvest

Broadcast #: 6403

Let God work His perfect work in people’s lives; but be ready, when the harvest comes in, to reap the grain.