What We Ought To Do

Broadcast #: 7214

There are a lot of variables that you can’t control even though you “are busy doing your duty”, as we say. Now, what do you do about them? How do exercise faith?

Turning His Way

Broadcast #: 6354

You’ll never know how good God is until you’re willing to turn away from the world system for His sake.

Pious Vs. Holy

Broadcast #: 6353

The minute you trust the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior and commit yourself to Him, you are accounted holy and righteous.

Living Your Sacrifice

Broadcast #: 6352

A sacrifice is something devoted to just one purpose. A sacrifice involves giving a life, not simply an effort.

Keeping Lights Lit

Broadcast #: 6350

Putting God on the throne of your life makes Him your treasure instead of something that will be destroyed with the passing of time.

What Do You Depend On?

Broadcast #: 6348

You and I don’t have to depend on good and bad luck. Good luck is the quality of being in God’s will at the right place and the right times so He can bless you.

Transforming Goodness

Broadcast #: 6347

God loves to step in and rearrange the way you feel about things and people, if you let Him.

Proven Goodness

Broadcast #: 6345

When you commit the outcome of any given situation to God trusting Him, then you’ll find out, beloved, how wonderful He really is.

Undeniable Goodness

Broadcast #: 6344

There are two things you and I take by faith: the existence of God — and the goodness of God: the fact that He’s doing the right thing with us.