Good News

You’ve Got Good News

Broadcast #: 6708
Scripture: 1 Timothy 3:16

Start living with the expectation that God will have somebody prepared for the Gospel wherever you happen to go.

God Works With You

Broadcast #: 6628
Scripture: Mark 16:19

People want to be helped, not converted. God works with you when you get the Gospel out to others by the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Who Wants To Go To Samaria?

Broadcast #: 6625
Scripture: Mark 16:15

Preaching to every creature means where you are and live. We need to be effective communicators and share the Good News.

Waiting On Your Trust

Broadcast #: 7412
Scripture: Acts 13:32

Do you want your life to get straightened out in some way today? Start trusting the Lord Jesus about it.