Gods Timing

Living With Dependence On God

Broadcast #: 7184
Scripture: 1 Peter 5:6

Humbling ourselves means turning over each area of our life to God as it comes. God takes all that we are and weaves into us His own will and purposes. God’s timing in revealing His will for you is perfect.

On The Clock

Broadcast #: 7393
Scripture: 1 Peter 3:15

There are people who are watching you every part of everyday to see how you live and patterning their lives either consciously or unconsciously after yours.

Stay Close

Broadcast #: 7010
Scripture: Psalm 37:19

Walking closely with God allows us to see and hear with His eyes and ears. Miracles can happen when we’re walking with Him.

Standing Strong

Broadcast #: 7009
Scripture: Psalm 37:16-18

How do we live by the values that God lays out for us through the trials and temptations of this modern age? Walk through the secret of standing strong in His shining grace and power.

A Secret Wonderful Plan

Broadcast #: 6932
Scripture: John 15:15

Spend time with your Father in Heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ so that He can whisper His secrets of love and His purposes to you.