God's Presence

Above All Else

Broadcast #: 7291
Scripture: Ephesians 1:21

You don’t have to pray through anybody else. You come in the name of the Lord Jesus, in the enablement of the indwelling Holy Spirit and you are immediately there for in the presence of the triune God, accepted in the beloved one.

Who To Count On

Broadcast #: 6913
Scripture: John 14:1

You can’t count on your own faithfulness, because you’ll fail, because you’re human. But you can count on your Savior.

Time In Control

Broadcast #: 6906
Scripture: John 12:44-50

You will live just as long as God wants you to live. And you will accomplish, by faith, all that God has in mind for you, if you trust Him.

Quick To Obey

Broadcast #: 6814
Scripture: John 2:1-10

Delayed obedience is disobedience – there’s no way around doing what God tells you to do.

Pray, Think, Do

Broadcast #: 6427
Scripture: Mark 6:45-51

To experience the presence of the Lord, you must wait on Him. Don’t hurry through your worship, and just ask Him for things. Take time with God to tell Him that you are His and thank Him for all He does for you. He will reveal Himself through His Holy Spirit and guide you.

He Is The Truth

Broadcast #: 6388
Scripture: Mark 3:13-20

Jesus is who He says He is: the Son of God. He can do what He says He can do — He can save me from my sins.

Powered By Grace

Broadcast #: 6343
Scripture: Psalm 23:5

Anything good that God tells you to do, anything that’s included in His will, God will give you the grace to do it.

Bring Every Thought

Broadcast #: 6326
Scripture: Psalm 116:10-11, 12

The job of the Holy Spirit, so far as you on Earth is concerned, is to represent and to reveal the Lord Jesus in your life and through your life.

The Difference

Broadcast #: 7520
Scripture: Psalm 107:1-5

Don’t give up on life and don’t give up on your self and don’t give up on God.