Not In Short Supply

Broadcast #: 7241

The sin problem is not something that is simply a temporary lesion of the soul that can be solved; that can be healed with a Band-Aid.

Take Care In Word

Broadcast #: 7240

There is no virtue in being a human bulldozer that just walks roughshod over people’s feelings by what you say.

What Are They Seeing?

Broadcast #: 7239

If you keep on just the way you are, what is going to be the impact upon the people who know you, who observe you, work with you, and live with you?

Follow My Voice

Broadcast #: 6881

When you need to hear the voice of God, go to the Word and pray — then, listen.

Childlike Abandon

Broadcast #: 6638

We need to talk to God and trust Him just as little children do. Be completely abandoned to Him. He will always answer abundantly when we do.