Realizing The Extent

Broadcast #: 7354

God’s grace will “spill over” to others as we build up and edify one another.

What We Say Reflects Our Heart

Broadcast #: 7165

God said, “Seek peace.” So that means, look for the non-combative, non-confrontational way of relating to people and to issues.

How A Husband Treats His Wife

Broadcast #: 7160

Learn all you can about your wife. You honor your wife by not criticizing her, but encouraging. To honor means to value her opinion. Pray together as heirs of the grace of God.

Be Thankful In All Things

Broadcast #: 7116

Final highlights of 1 Thessalonians 5. If you want to be ready for the Second Coming of Christ, there needs to be a lifestyle that is consistent with His will, commands and truth. Be good followers as well as leaders. Pray throughout your day.

A Wider Viewfinder

Broadcast #: 7088

The key to growth in Christian things is getting involved in something outside of your own concerns

The Need To Encourage Others

Broadcast #: 7080

Continue helpful contact with people. Show people you really care about them with a second question. Show them your gratitude with a second thank-you. It’s important to get together with other Christians.

How To Comfort

Broadcast #: 7079

What does it mean for Christians to do some comforting? Be there, be physically present. Use encouraging words and positive reinforcement.

The Action Of Ministry

Broadcast #: 7053

Paul came as a father, persuading, comforting and encouraging. We persuade others of their need for the gospel.

Self- Evaluation

Broadcast #: 7049

Paul does an appraisal of his ministry. Presenting the gospel should be done in truth, sincerity without flattery. Be an encourager.