Life And Death Faith

Broadcast #: 7263

What are the things that are so true, so deeply held in your own heart and mind and conscience, so much of a conviction that you are willing to pattern your life and, if need be, to die for them?

Align Your Focus

Broadcast #: 7237

Your job and mine is not either to sit in judgment or awe on the other hand to become cynical about Christian leaders and Christian work. Your first job is to keep your own heart right with the Lord Jesus.

Training Your Mind

Broadcast #: 7180

Training your mind involves, reading, persuading others, doctrine: what you really believe. Exhortation means how we communicate to others. Your beliefs effect your behavior.

Gift Management

Broadcast #: 6731

Give yourself to the Lord and let Him use you within the boundaries of the gifts that He has given you.

Relaying Truth

Broadcast #: 6730

Exhortation means leading a person to make decisions on his own heart based on the Truth of God.

What Goes In?

Broadcast #: 6728

Read that which will strengthen your Christian life.