Free To Be

Broadcast #: 6869

You can be free, my friend, of the things which threaten you when you know the truth.

The Why Questions

Broadcast #: 6657

Like children, we often want things and answers immediately. Sometimes God makes us wait so we can learn something, be more like Him and draw closer to Him as we seek answers.

Stay Watchful

Broadcast #: 6641

Let me react to pressures in a way that will bring glory to Jesus. Pray your way through the day.

Christ’s Living Presence

Broadcast #: 6621

The turning point is the realization that He is alive and we are filled with the Holy Spirit and surrounded in His Presence. This truth gives us a glorious awareness of God.

He’s Looking For You

Broadcast #: 6618

As the angel told Mary and the others after the resurrection, Jesus wants to see you too. Let Him restore you as He restored Peter.


Broadcast #: 6607

Stay awake with the kind of consciousness that is given to you by the indwelling Spirit of God, who quickens you

True Worship

Broadcast #: 6383

God is not impressed with religious routines. The transforming of the inner person — that makes the difference.